stoły drewnianeOnce upon a time, there was an older Man who lived with his son, daughter-in-law, along with a six years grandson. Since he became older, his hands were quite brittle and trembled. His vision became hazy and he walked. The family used to eat together in the dining area. However, the senile old man frequently confused everything. His trembled palms and hazy eyes made him hard to consume the meal. He dropped down the fork and spoon from the table. When he took a glass of milk, it would spill on the tablecloth.

His son and daughter-in-law were getting restless. They were bothered by these things. We need to do something, said the wife. I was bored doing all these things with this old guy. Then, the couple left a little table in the corner of the room. They asked the old man to eat independently, while they enjoyed the meal in the dining area. Because he broke the plates, the stoły rozkładane gave him a wooden bowl. Frequently, once the family were enjoying their dinner, they heard sobbing voice in the corner of their room. The tears streamed down to the old man’s wrinkled face. However, the couple always scolded him that he did not spill the meal.

Until one night, before the family went sleep, the father noticed his son was playing with a wooden toy. He asked him, What are you doing, son? His son replied, I’m making a wooden table and I’ll present it for Daddy and Mommy when I’m an adult someday. I will put this table in the corner, where the grandfather usually eats. He smiled and continued his action The couple was amazed to hear What their son said. They were rather bashful because their son just taught them how to have respect for the elderly people and responsibility for a kid. They regretted and confessed they were wrong, and asked their son to not treat them like that. They also promised to see to the grandfather well.

Quite simply, there’s a duty to God, parents, family members, our selves, individual beings, nation, and the environment in our own life. If we live just for thinking of our own interest and profit, but omit the obligation and also make other people suffer, certainly our life will filled with loneliness and pain. In fact, how awful our parents’ face And character are, they have to be properly honored. How bad their condition is, We have to sincerely served them.