If you are looking into getting your self a reliable, affordable and easy way to travel, a good option for you to consider is the electric scooter. This product had gained sudden popularity, especially in Europe due to its convenience and the fact that it works on electricity and not fuel. Many environmentally-conscious governments have started to endorse and encourage people to use these for their daily commute. Although some places require licencing for this product as it has the risk of accidents and damage, they are still better than the alternatives.

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You will no longer have to spend money on taxies and Ubers or endure the tormenting experience of using public transport, your electric scooter will be enough. It is a one-time investment which will take you alog way, you can check out the benefits and more on this site.

When buying an electric scooter, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is their battery life. This is especially important with respect to your usage. If you want one for fun or for traveling short distances, you can go for one with relatively lesser battery life like the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter which will take you 6 miles before it runs out of juice. This should be no problem for short distances as you can always charge them almost anywhere. But if you want to travel long distances or have frequent use for jobs such as delivery, you should go for something which gives you a greater mileage such as eMove/Max speed IV/Speedway 4 Electric Scooter which will give you 42 to 62 miles of travel before it runs out.