At Exotic Vehicle Wraps, one more much relied on product is Ceramic Pro Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic coating made use of for irreversible paint protection and also a variety of various other advantages. Ceramic Pro is the world’s leader in nano-ceramic covering modern technology. The covering is made up of Silicon Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. Silicon Dioxide can be most generally sourced, in nature, from quartz as well as sand. As soon as exposed to outdoors, the Silicon Dioxide hardens and offers the glass-like appearance and also security. Titanium Dioxide is utilized in a selection of home and also industrial products, such as: sun block, paint, paper, plastics, as well as rubber. Titanium dioxide, in Ceramic Pro, is the agent that strengthens the sturdiness of the surface. Backed by intense study, Ceramic Pro’s products are developed to last the hardest examinations. A few of their items include: the Ceramic Pro 9H, Light, Sport, as well as Strong. Now, you might be asking yourself which one is the very best.

ceramic car coating

What is the difference in between each item?

  • Ceramic Pro 9H: is thought about the leader of the pack. It produces a permanent coat externally of your lorry as well as will not wash off or break down over whenever. The 9H offers one of the most effective securities to your surface area, and also the more layers applied means much better the security.
  • Ceramic Pro Light: When light is applied, it allows the surface of your car’s body to stay tidy longer and also resists dust and mess from sticking to the layer. It supplies water resistance and also requiring water to grain up as well as roll off the surface. Light also offers your car that long-term wax and beam appearance.
  • Ceramic Pro Sport: Sport is normally related to surface area that has formerly been treated with 9H or Light. It can also be made use of as a standalone hydrophobic sealant with a 6 month warranty. Sporting activity is a terrific option, at a minimum.
  • Ceramic Pro Strong: Strong is utilized mostly on surface areas that simply require security, instead of the glossy finish. For instance, if you wished to protect a metal surface from abrasion and also rust. The Strong is the best product for more stable products.

Each Ceramic Pro item supplies their incredible benefits. At Exotic Vehicle Wraps, we locate that one of the most effective and also common choice is the 9H. The 9H can be utilized on virtually any type of surface area. The adaptability 9H brings makes it effortless for us to totally back the item. Ceramic Pro products need a careful setup. When used properly, it not only adds an irreversible gloss and shine; yet the 9H functions as a fluid glass finishing to your car that does not delaminate.