This short article has to do with supporting those many individuals that intuitively think that there is an evolutionary modification in human consciousness, one that is happening for the improvement of the worldwide human problem. Without that intuition, the future of humankind would certainly remain stark. It is currently feasible to use the new scientific research of quantum biology to define how to measure the wanted evolutionary change right into a more ennobling future. The good news is, recent discoveries are connecting the procedure of survival to the intuitive performance of the brain. The New Measurement of Mankind Task at the College of Florence is working at the reducing edge of this analytical shift from the mechanistic age, right into a preferred future for humanity. The job realizes that the performance of the mirror neuron, in charge of the development of compassion, plays a leading function in the change toward a more informed humankind.

When discovery of fullerene made use of Platonic Faith to produce the 15th Century Great Italian Renaissance, as the rejuvenation of the shed Greek scientific research for honest ends, the concern related to the atomic framework of Platonic love, stopped working to affect 20th Century science. Leonardo ad Vinci instead, assisted to generate the industrial mechanical age, which did not have any type of strenuous ethical clinical input.

The European Enchanting Platonic institutions attempted, in vain, to avoid, what William Blake described as the dark satanic mills, from despoiling the green face of the world. Discharged by a pressing greed desire for power, the financial policies of the British East India Company, in the mid 19th Century, tossed compassion apart when compelling the Chinese Government to approve huge hills of opium in return for providing Britain with Spanish silver bullion.


Although efforts have actually been made to apologize for that criminal financial mind set, no one can rely on the here and now worldwide economic rationalism to aid change humankind into its instinctive Golden era. Unless the molecular functioning of empathy, revealed though nano-technology’s organization with quantum biology, becomes part of an international society, after that humankind faces termination. As Buckminster Richer reasoned, when he made use of Plato’s mathematics to define his balanced unlimited synergistic universe, it is currently a choice in between Utopia or Oblivion

If we re-examine Charles Darwin’s concepts of evolution, the option becomes part of the Florentine New Measurement of Mankind Task. Darwin based his released concept of advancement from monitoring made after his trip on HMS Beagle, under the auspices of the East India Company. In Darwin’s ‘Beginning of Variety’, he attributes the teaching of Thomas Malthus’s financial plan for the East India Business Darwin 1859. That plan was based especially on what quantum biology exposes to be an incorrect understanding of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, a line of assuming later inherited by Albert Einstein when he obtained his concept of relativity.