At the point when Stephen Jackson was determined to have Squamous Cell Carcinoma, he knew nothing about malignant growth, the causes or the medications. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that this kind of news conveyed an extremely hard hit to Stephen, his loved ones, he chose to investigate the subject of disease, the causes and the various medications, customary and elective. Coming up next is the inadmissible truth about getting malignancy, and the medicines which Stephen has found. The primary thing Stephen asked himself was, the reason me? Why not me? Measurements show that more than 500,000 individuals, in the only us, passed on from malignant growth in 2013. There are more than 300 million individuals in the US. This implies, 1 of every 6 individuals in the US will kick the bucket of disease this year alone. This does exclude the individuals who have been determined to have malignancy or the individuals who have disease and don’t have any acquaintance with it. In this way, the subject of, “Why Me”, should be, “the means by which could Stephen have forestalled it”.

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After numerous long stretches of research, Stephen discovered some exceptionally intriguing data on the reasons for malignancy, just as a portion of the methodologies individuals are utilizing so as to forestall this horrendous condition. What he discovered was, the vast majority who have been determined to have malignant growth have an awful eating routine, they smoke, drink liquor, or they are feeling the loss of a key nutrient, 黃亦強 or both in their separate eating regimen. This prompts a couple of things; either a huge number of individuals don’t have the foggiest idea what causes malignancy, they do, however overlook the data, or they accept what they are told and believe that individuals, bafflingly, contract this condition. Stephen found, in the wake of being determined to have malignancy, that in the wake of going through an enormous whole of cash just to get an analysis (no treatment), that there was really a procedure that the clinical business follows paying little heed to the sort of disease you have.

It typically goes this way. eighth Office Visit: Biopsy results, results positive, and more tests booked (counting PET/CT and a planned meeting with an Oncologist and Radiologist for the starting rounds of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment). We’ll stop directly here in light of the fact that as should be obvious, as of the eighth office visit, there is certainly not an essential finding and you’ve just gone through a lot of cash whether you have protection or not. This is only the start. By the eighth office visit, you are frightened to 徐國勳 about the outcomes. Be that as it may, the specialists know precisely what they will do on the grounds that they consider malignancy a cut, toxic substance or consume process. For instance, in the event that you do have disease, they will decide to remove it (Surgery), harm it (Chemotherapy), consume it with (Radiation Therapy), or all the abovementioned.